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SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulation) is the name of a new biofeedback device. Originally designed by the Russian military for long-term healthcare in space, this device is currently being widely used by doctors of nearly all specialities in clinics and hospitals across Russia with astonishing results. The hand-held device is similar in appearance to a TV remote control. It is applied to the skin at various points by specially trained SCENAR therapists.

The aim is to stimulate the body's own endogenous energies to effect the desired result - the medium being our own internal pharmacy of neuropeptides. The device falls into the category of short-pulse electrotherapy, but is dynamic in nature. This means the device has the capability of adaptive feedback. In other words, every action pulse differs from the previous one, so every second it is reacting to the organism to deliver the right response. This allows the treatment to be truly dynamic adjusting for changes in the body over time and in different physiological states.

There are very few disease processes it cannot work with and very few contra-indications (notably those fitted with a pace-maker!). After 20 years of use in Russia there is a complete absence of negative side-effects. Truly a health treatment for the 21st Century.